Radka Dohnalová
7 min

BOOK REVIEW: 4 steps to develop compassion like the Dalai Lama

Compassion is a critical element of emotional intelligence which is considered one of the key skills for now and even more important for the future. Daniel Goleman – the father of emotional intelligence – wrote a very interesting book A Force for Good which looks at the Dalai Lama’s vision for a better and more […]

Datum konani 22.8.2018

Linda Štucbartová
10 min

Silvia Lepiarczyk: One Woman, Thousand Opportunities

Imagine that you run your first business at the age of 18. At the age of 32, as a young blonde woman, you become CEO of Autohaus Verlag, the biggest publisher for the automotive industry in Germany. By the age of 40, you achieve the position of CEO for Central and Eastern Europe at Ringier […]

Datum konani 26.7.2018

Radka Dohnalová
7 min

BOOK REVIEW: 6 steps to improve your focus

Have you wondered how can you live a FOCUSED life with all the distractions we are having from technology to even our own thoughts? Focus is key in Education and Leadership. I have been researching this topic and got inspired especially by the book FOCUS by Daniel Goleman, father of emotional intelligence. I put together […]

Datum konani 24.7.2018

Radka Dohnalová
7 min.

BOOK REVIEW: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Have you wondered why is it so hard to build and maintain a great team? We deal with this a lot as part of our leadership programs and I found the framework of Patrick Lencioni very simple and effective. Given that teams are inherently dysfunctional, below are the 5 dysfunctions to watch our for any […]

Datum konani 10.7.2018

Radka Dohnalová
3 min.

BOOK REVIEW: Are you clear about your WHY?

I believe that understanding your own why and ensuring your actions are consistent with it is a big part of long term happiness and fulfilment. Given that Purpose is one of key modules of Atairu Authentic Leadership and we work with boards of companies to define purpose of their organizations I am always looking for […]

Datum konani 10.7.2018

Linda Štucbartová
10 min

Šárka Kulkusová: „Možnost řešit věci koncepčně“

Sekci rozhovory s „lékaři“ jsem se tentokrát rozhodla pojmout nikoliv z pohledu lékařů, ale těch, kteří se na chodu nemocnice významně podílí. Příběh Šárky Kulkusové má však nabízí zápletky a překvapení na více rovinách. Seznamte se s dámou, jejíž posláním je propojovat, předávat znalosti a díky sdílení, týmové práci posouvat věci k lepšímu. Více než […]

Datum konani 15.5.2018

Linda Štucbartová
9 min

Vivienne Ming: How to Robot-Proof (Not Only Kids but also Ourselves)

Dr. Ming was named one of 10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2013 by Inc. Magazine. She is a theoretical neuroscientist, technologist and entrepreneur. She co-founded Socos company, where machine learning and cognitive neuroscience combine to maximize students’ life outcomes. She sits on the boards of StartOut, The Palm Center, Emozia, Engender, and Genderis […]

Datum konani 24.4.2018

Linda Štucbartová
5 min.

Pherooz Karani: Children are universal

Born in India, Pherooz was raised in Boston, Massachusetts, where she attended a Montessori school – founded and owned by her mother – from two months to twelve years old. She has spent her entire career in Montessori education, eventually moving from teaching to administration. In addition to her Bachelor’s degree in Education, she holds […]

Datum konani 11.3.2018

Zahájili jsme 6. ročník programu autentického leadershipu pro ženy

26. února se začaly psát nové příběhy žen, se kterými jsme zahájili další program Odyssey Leadership, a začali tak s nimi jejich cestu autentického leadershipu. Každá z nich se pro začátek zamyslela nad třemi oblastmi, na které se chce letos zaměřit. Protože jak se říká, „Your energy goes, where your thoughts go.“ Prostřednictvím storytellingu se […]

Datum konani 8.3.2018

Linda Štucbartová
7 min

Martin Margala: How do you perceive today’s world?

Dr. Martin Margala is a Professor at the University of Massachusetts and a Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Electrical Engineering. He was born in Bratislava where he also completed his first university degree in engineering. After the Velvet Revolution, he earned his PhD at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, where later he became a […]

Datum konani 22.1.2018

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