Linda Štucbartová
5 min.

Luděk Sekyra: On Values, Both Material and Spiritual Ones

I met Mr. Sekyra for the first time at the colloquia dedicated to John Rawls, the most influential political philosopher of the 20th century, however little known and appreciated in the Czech environment. The Sekyra Group that supports the Centre for Political Philosophy, Ethics and Religion (CPPER) has also supported organising the colloquia. Despite the fact that Mr. […]

Datum konani 15.5.2017

Linda Štucbartová
5 min

Arnie Bieber: To Succeed in the 21st Century We Need To Learn, Unlearn and Re-learn

Imagine the atmosphere of a school where there is a palpable sense of creative thinking, where one can see the arts, choirs, music and film production, and at the same time a clear focus on scientific experimentation. Imagine life as a student being able to experiment, design and then print out your blueprint on a […]

Datum konani 13.4.2017

Anežka Adamíková
2 min.

Japanese inspiration on authentic leadership: KINTSUKUROI

Striving for perfection vs authenticity? Most of us are consciously or unconsciously striving for perfection. Everyone in different areas and in different way. When we don’t meet expectations (set by ourselves or others) or when we make a mistake, we tend to be ashamed. And we are often not keen on sharing it or showing […]

Datum konani 21.3.2017

Anežka Adamíková
2 min.

Japanese inspiration on authentic leadership: IKIGAI

When was the last time you sat down, or took a walk, to think about what makes this one life you have meaningful — what makes it worth living? We would like to introduce you IKIGAI – a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”. As we work worldwide, we see how important this is […]

Datum konani

Radka Dohnalová

Key learnings from Abundance 360

Convergence Catalyzer We choose the context from which we relate to the future, It can be from the context of fear or context of abundance There is significant evidence that the state of the world is better than ever As many things are going to change dramatically over the next 25 years, there are things […]

Datum konani 1.2.2017

Radka Dohnalová

Future of Education

I am so excited to be part of Abundance 360 Summit in LA with Peter Diamandis. My purpose of coming is about exploring the future of education. I believe that the way we (not just our children) learn is going to fundamentally transform over the next decade. The top 5 technologies that will reshape the […]

Datum konani 29.1.2017

Radka Dohnalová

Our 3 biggest learnings about collaboration in 2016

The ability to lead yourself and knowing who you are allow you to better approach collaborating with others, producing better results and long-term satisfaction. Authentic leadership changes people’s lifes and also the way companies work. Competition is replaced with collaboration. The latter was a prominent topic for us at ATAIRU too, on several levels. No […]

Datum konani 22.1.2017

Linda Štucbartová
7 min, English-friendly

Dominika Kolowrat – Krakowská: On the origins and traditions, duties and pleasures

Your life story is really interesting. You graduated from a Law University, became an advocate and then got engaged in fashion business. You met Tomáš Kolowrat and after he died, you turned to asset management. I wonder to what extent it was your choice and how big the influence of your call of duty, and […]

Datum konani 6.1.2017

Linda Štucbartová
9 min, English-friendly

Stefan Ries: Prague Is A Success Story For SAP

Visits of Board Members of Global Corporations to headquarters can be compared to visits of state level representatives. While certain meet Prime Ministers, demand red carpet protocol and expect all the flashlights shining on them, others come to listen, acknowledge and shine the light on others. Stefan Ries belongs to the second category. Came on […]

Datum konani 13.12.2016

Linda Štucbartová
4 min, English-friendly

My Journey to Moscow or How I tried to Be (Un)authentically Perfect…

I`ve been recently invited to deliver a Talent and Flow workshop for a group of women managers in Moscow…Wow…What a great opportunity! Not only for me personally, since supporting women (and not only them) in the corporate environment has been my work and passion in the last three years, but also for ATAIRU company, as […]

Datum konani 7.12.2016

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