Radka Dohnalová
10 min

BOOK REVIEW: The Organized Mind

Do you sometimes feel braindead or simply mentally overloaded? The book The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin gave me some very interesting and practical tips how to deal with it. And also how to convince my family that order is really great for us. Here are 6 key thoughts: 1. The brain can only focus […]

Datum konani 16.11.2017

Radka Dohnalová
8 min


Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World? The book UnSelfie by Dr. Michele Borba offers a 9-step program to help parents cultivate empathy in children, from birth to young adulthood—and explains why developing a healthy sense of empathy is a key predictor of which kids will thrive and succeed in the future. Radka Dohnalová, […]

Datum konani 10.11.2017

Radka Dohnalová
10 min

BOOK REVIEW: Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education

  Are you thinking about the future of education and what are the 8 competencies we should be teaching our children? I have just read a book Creative Schools by Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica and here are the 6 key thoughts:     Formal education is shaped by the needs of industry. Do you […]

Datum konani 2.11.2017

Kateřina Bečková: I wanted to secure the best possible education for my children

The story of the International Montessori School of Prague brings together a number of fascinating worldwide trends. The first of these trends is glocalisation – a combination of globalisation and localisation, with the American Montessori Society global accreditation creating a framework, while the school is also adjusted to the Czech environment and conditions. Kateřina Bečková, […]

Datum konani 10.10.2017

Linda Štucbartová
4 min

Kateřina Vacková: Our doctors are on a par with our Harvard colleagues

Although she officially received her MUDr title at her graduation ceremony in Karolinum’s ancient Great Hall in July, Kateřina can boast of having saved 36 lives – cancer was discovered in 34 people in time through Loono’s preventive programmes, and two more people recognised they had serious heart problems on the basis of Loono’s new […]

Datum konani 19.9.2017

Linda Štucbartová
5 min

Jiří Kůs: Nanotechnology represents a promising industry

  You are the Chairman of the Czech Association of Nanotechnology Industry and also an evangelist of the 3rd Industrial Revolution concept.  After completing university studies in industrial technology, you also studied sociology and psychology.  Having the background in all the above mentioned disciplines, how do you perceive the today’s world and society? It is […]

Datum konani 1.9.2017

Linda Štucbartová
5 min

Set Yourself F-R-E-E (not only while on vacations)

Lessons Learned While Travelling in the Summer to Make Everyday “Ordinary” Life Extraordinary I love both summer and travelling.  It’s hard to say what matters more.  But summer and travelling is truly an ideal combination.  After many years, I was fortunate to be able to take three weeks to explore life in the beautiful state […]

Datum konani 28.8.2017

Haruko Kawashima
5 min

The Art of Freedom

Haruko Kawashima is an international speaker of Women Leadership, Women Empowerment, Authenticity and founder of the Institute of Women`s Leadership in Japan. She leads ATAIRU Japan. This article was written and published in Happy Conscious Living magazine – an inspirational online positivity lifestyle magazine. We are all beautiful people, full of freedom. There is no limitation […]

Datum konani 10.7.2017

Linda Štucbartová
5 min.

Anthony Newstead: From Tel Aviv to Atlanta and Beyond

Creating a Bridge – Developing and Connecting an Entrepreneurial Community with Major Global Markets In my experience, there are two types of companies with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility. There are the ones who have prepared many presentations on this issue, printed out nice brochures and organize spotlight events. Then there are the ones who […]

Datum konani 13.6.2017

Radka Dohnalová
5 min.

Future of Education

Radka has been researching the future of education in this world. She has summarized her findings based on Peter Diamondis` summit Abundance 360 in the article below. She is also a parent of three children. Education, alongside health care and travel, is one of the areas anticipating a radical change in the near future. The basic tenets […]

Datum konani 1.6.2017

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