The Art of Freedom

Haruko Kawashima is an international speaker of Women Leadership, Women Empowerment, Authenticity and founder of the Institute of Women`s Leadership in Japan. She leads ATAIRU Japan. This article was written and published in Happy Conscious Living magazine – an inspirational online positivity lifestyle magazine.

We are all beautiful people, full of freedom. There is no limitation to us.


We all live in a beautiful world. This world gives us boundless joy and love. And this world protects us and celebrates us every day. Even though we have everything and  live in overflowing abundance, we sometimes struggle with desires and limiting beliefs in our heart.


We wonder if we lose aspirations when we are satisfied with what we have now. We wonder if we can`t be successful without starving for success. We wonder if we can`t be successful anymore once we accomplish it. We wonder if we won`t be happy when aren`t successful over and over again.


We create this paranoia within ourselves, and struggle with non-existing limitations. While all we desire is to live in freedom, we ought to live so many restrictions.


This is a common struggle for humankind. We don`t know how to let go of the illusion in one`s mind. Of living in a beautiful and abundant world, even though our world gives us so much joy and love.


Have you had similar experiences?

What if we could have both success and fulfillment at the same time?


Living in a poor state of mind is like being a watchdog. There is no freedom… All you have is a routine… You are tied up with preconceived ideas which make you do the same thing over and over…


When you re-examine the different perspectives of your life in abundance, you can see your world differently. You will realize how beautiful this world really is, how perfect you are, how precious we all are, and how beautiful the universe and nature on earth are.


You will be so grateful to know that you freewill is well-respected and celebrated in every aspect of your life. Remember we don`t have any limitations in our lives. We have the freedom of choice. And every day, you have chance to make a choice.


That choice will determine who you are, what your life will be and what your world will be like. If you wish to live with freedom, from this very moment you can be free. Nobody limits your life, your freedom, your joy, or your love. In fact, you are the only one, who makes yourself chained watchdog. You are the only one that limits yourself and even denies your own freedom, joy and love.


Recognize that chain doesn`t exist. When you realize this is an illusion you truly want to live a happy conscious life, only then you easily get rid of this chain. When each one of us finds their true self, we all find our real talents and fulfill ourselves with happiness and inner satisfactions.


When you achieve it, you will also brighten this beautiful world. When you live freedom and have no limitation, you will welcome and celebrate others for living fully in their own unique lives. As those individuals live in a world of freedom and abundance, they will find their own uniqueness in life, and they will make the world freer and more abundant. They will brigten the heart and the life of other.


You have found this magazine. That is the sign of the abundance. Recognize your uniqueness and allow yourself to express who you are, how beautiful you are, and how unique you are as there is nobody like you in this world. Paint on a big white canvas, live freely with joy and happiness. Do not set any limitations. We are all making this world more beautiful by living, and creating sensible arts in the world.


I would love to live in this beautiful world.

I would love to see this beautiful world with you.

I would love us to make this world more beautiful together.

I am really looking forward to seeing your shine when you open yourself up to the world and show your freedom and beauty.


We are all born to be precious humans. Keep shining and becoming the lighthouse for the art of freedom and creator for the beautiful arts in the world. Remember, you are the leading actor in your life.

You can read the whole magazine online on their website.

Datum konani 10.7.2017

Haruko Kawashima

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