NEW IN OFFER: Program in English starts in February

Datum konani 14.2.2017

First cross-company program for Czech and foreign female professionals in English starts 14th February 2017. Only 3 places left!

New in offer

We invite you to join the only 10-month cross-company leadership program in English for a small group of selected Czech and foreign female professionals who wish to upgrade their leadership to another level

  • The first cross-company program in English
  • For candidates from B-1 or B-2 level leading a team
  • For foreigners and Czechs fluent in English


What is client experience?

Marilena Angeleanu, CFO, NN Bulgaria:

“During my long term assignment in Prague, I was recommended by HR to have ATAIRU Authentic Leadership program. I was really excited but also I did not know what to expect. It was an individual program with a personal coach – which for me was a first.

Linda Štucbartová was great. She was the perfect sparring partner: listening, asking back the right questions, and guiding. Even the program has a pre-arranged structure Linda shown flexibility and she tailored the sessions to suits my level and my needs. We dedicated some sessions also to some specific issues which I faced in that period.

One of the things I really appreciated was Linda’s willingness to share and introduce me to her wide business network: from coaching group sessions like “Power breakfast” to social events with Prague Rotary Club, from head hunters to proposals for publishing in business magazines. This was – for me as an expat in Prague – the best support which I could have.

I recommend Linda to everyone who wants to bring their career to the next level.“

Save the date

  • 14th February 2017
  • Prague, Czech Republic

Are you interested?

Please let us know. We are happy to schedule a call or a meeting with you to discuss your needs.

Aneta Lopotová | | +420 721 945 039

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