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oceneni atairu 2021

Nejinovativnější Leadership společnost v České Republice 2021

Patříme mezi 10 nejlepších firem zaměřených na leadership v Evropě 2020

We have empowered thousands leaders in more than 100 companies across Europe, Middle East and Asia.


How and why shall we discover and develop kids’ talent and passion

future of education
In the context of education it’s hard to anticipate the skills our kids might need in the future. That’s why it’s necessary to focus on those aspects of humankind that stay changeless for centuries. It is natural talent – the disposition we are born with, and our passions – what we enjoy the most. N
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ATAIRU is in Asia Pacific region, Singapore is a launching pad for expansion

ATAIRU Singapore
2018 is the year of the Dog in a Chinese lunar calendar and also a year of ATAIRU expanding to east with confidence being loyal to its core values. Partnering with Andrea Vadkerti, an experienced executive coach based in transformative coaching and neurobehavioral modeling, it is coming to Singapore
May 2018 - February 2019
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Food, Stress & Me

My Odyssey
Odyssey Mentoring invites you to networking evening with Monika Divišová a Radka Dohnalová on Thursday 25th January 7PM at White&Case, Na Příkopě 14, Prague. First MyOdyssey inspirational event introduce Monika Divišová, who is nutrition guide, co-founder of Wellnessia and the author of the proj
25-01-2018, 7 PM
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Our focus is on long-term authentic leadership transformational programs:


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Cross-company programs

Do you want to upgrade your leadership capabilities? In working systematically with a diverse group of peers from other companies and discussions with business leaders, you will identify your talents and purpose and improve your ability to motivate and lead others.

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Individual transformational programs

A major change in your professional or private life ahead? We will design a tailored program for you, respecting not only your specific needs but also your availability.

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Corporate team programs

Is your company gathering speed or about to transform itself? Each and every transformation, no matter how big or small, hinges on people.We will help your team members find motivation for themselves and others for more engagement and collaboration.

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Talent programs

Do you see potential in your employees, waiting to be developed? We will equip them with specific skills you will find helpful in times of change.

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    What program participants say

    • “Radka combines expert knowledge, analytical skills, and valuable experience. Our joint sessions to define the success and value of the programs were just great.”

    • “Meetings with Eva significantly improved the quality of my professional and personl life. The change of my attitude to interpersonal relationships was incredible.”

    • “Understanding other people’s motivations and authenticity was important for me. I am better able to understand their reactions and adjust my behavior accordingly.”

    • “I’ve had the pleasure to work with Radka at Atairu and find her style to be engaging, thought-provoking and highly personalized to meet individual needs. My experience is both with one-to-one coaching and group leadership development and can highly recommend both.”

    • “ATAIRU is allowing me to experience that introspection requires both tenacity and patience.”

    • “There are no accidental meetings in life. After a year of working with Linda, I am a calmer and more balanced person. Equally importantly, I have met a number of other women who are facing similar challenges.”

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    • Silvia Gavorníková
    • Martin Záklasník
    • Stacy Meyer
    • Petr Havlíček
    • Renata Lukášová

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