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ATAIRU is in Asia Pacific region, Singapore is a launching pad for expansion

Datum konani May 2018 - February 2019

Singapore, source:, Peter Nguyen

2018 is the year of the Dog in a Chinese lunar calendar and also a year of ATAIRU expanding to east with confidence being loyal to its core values. Partnering with Andrea Vadkerti, an experienced executive coach based in transformative coaching and neurobehavioral modeling, it is coming to Singapore with a strong ambition to rewrite leadership education with a more human centered attitude.


Leaders and leadership are not always truly successful by being strong or powerful.  But every single great one is committed. Committed to their cause, to their people, to themselves. They lead with intent―working purposefully to make and meet critical commitments to inspire, to achieve, to engage. They deal with daring and dreaming—and acting on what’s next,” says, Andrea Vadkerti , ATAIRU’s partner for Singapore and APAC.


ATAIRU has been active in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Their programs have developed more than thousand leaders of 29 different nationalities and more than 50 companies.

Asia has been always a true anchor and inspiration for Radka Dohnalová, Founder and Managing Partner of ATAIRU: “I strongly believe in Singapore as a gateway to Asia, a dynamic business hub, a gleaming city-state, and a modern metropolis. It has always been the perfect starting point for transformation. Humble, hardworking and focused , this nation takes leadership development as a real investment in their people.


ATAIRU is starting its operations with its flagship cross-company program of Authentic leadership in May 2018. Recently it has gathered interest and builds purposeful connections with local companies and partners. This 10 month program has been a successful intake on transformational leadership. It targets female managers and leaders in middle to senior leadership roles, who have managerial responsibility within their organization or are leading large projects. Of special interest to companies in industries challenged by talent shortages and where women are underrepresented. Program provides a practical agenda for realizing the advantages of diverse leadership teams and supporting business women to maximize their impact whilst living a fulfilled life.

For more information please contact Andrea Vadkerti, ATAIRU Partner in APAC and Singapore,

Results of 5th run of flagship cross-company program of Authentic leadership show the impact on women leaders: 


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