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Food, Stress & Me

Datum konani 25-01-2018, 7 PM

Odyssey Mentoring invites you to networking evening with Monika Divišová a Radka Dohnalová on Thursday 25th January 7PM at White&Case, Na Příkopě 14, Prague. First MyOdyssey inspirational event introduce Monika Divišová, who is nutrition guide, co-founder of Wellnessia and the author of the project We are a healthy company. Monika Divišová share not only that there is no need for strict dietary principles or diets for health at all. Her holistic approach to health through food is not only inspirational, but also very practical. Monika is the author of the project We are a healthy company. You would not believe what happens when you offer people in the company something good, fragrant and healthy to eat. Openness, belonging, communication and, indeed, the desire to work grow. The interview will be moderated by Veronika Bednářová (Reflex).

In the beginning Radka Dohnalová, Founder and Managing Partner at ATAIRU, guide you through the New Year`s Leadership Clarity Exercise and help you identify your vision and goals for 2018.

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