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How and why shall we discover and develop kids’ talent and passion

In the context of education it’s hard to anticipate the skills our kids might need in the future. That’s why it’s necessary to focus on those aspects of humankind that stay changeless for centuries. It is natural talent – the disposition we are born with, and our passions – what we enjoy the most. Not only child development but development of their parents is the key. It‘s crucial they acquire the ability to discover and develop actively the talent and passion of their children.

How talent and passion can be found? What happens when parents are susceptible to kids and their talent? And how to manage that while being busy with the rush of everyday life?

Radka Dohnalová, ATAIRU Founder & CEO, offers answers as the topic of education is her passion. She shares insights on future of education based on our experience with business leaders from Europe, Middle East and Asia. This talk was given at TEDxPragueED: What next?.

During Radka`s MBA studies at Harvard Business School Radka developed the concept of authentic and integrated leadership. She worked with more than 1000 leaders and 50 organizations in Europe and Japan. She worked for McKinsey & Company and UN World Food Programme. Adult education is her passion and for a long time she has been devoted to the topic on national and international level. She is an active contributor to the discussions focused on the future of education in the age of exponential technologies, for example Abundance 360 – Peter Diamandis‘ international conference or Future Port Prague.

We are developing now new programs for children and young people on how to discover and develop their talents. Stay tuned for the latest update.

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