Linda Štucbartová for Lídrárna: Don’t build network, build bridges!

Datum konani 18-10-2017, 18:00

We would like to invite you to the inspiration evening with Linda Štucbartová. She will be next guest at Lídrárna where are invited interesting speakers who share their experience and insights on leadership.

Linda will focus on networking, its importance and various networking styles. You will draw your own network map and analyze how efficient you are in using it. Come to discuss a skill that is essential, yet mastered by only a few…

  • Do personal contacts and connections play bigger or smaller role in the 21st century?
  • How many business cards should you bring from a social event?
  • Is there one effective way how to create network?

About Linda

Linda Štucbartová is a partner at ATAIRU, an international leadership development company that guides leaders to activating their uniqueness through authentic leadership. As a Chief Interviewer for Czech and Slovak Leaders Magazine, she has written more than fifty interviews with prominent Czech and CEE leaders. Moreover, she also occupies Board positions at Charles University Council for Commercialization and at Minerva 21, the personal development initiative. Finally, she is the author of the book Ambassadors Without a Diplomatic Passport. Previously, she held management positions in business, public administration, and academia.

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