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Summer reading in style!

The summer is usually the time of year to spend time with yourself and the ones close to you. How about using this summer to gain some new inspiration? By downloading the ebook Walk The Talk In The Time Of Constant Change by our ATAIRU Associate Linda Štucbartová below.

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Each interview shows different point of view on the topics such as organizational change and leadership. That`s by the various interviewed leaders as well as by their different context and experience. It means more interesting and diverse opinions. Ebook is the selection of 8 interviews by Linda Štucbartová for Czech & Slovak Leaders magazine, 2014-2017. Interviews capture following leaders:

  • Angela Mazza (SAP, Regional Chief Operating Officer, Middle & Eastern Europe)
  • Frank Kohl-Boas (Google, Head of HR Northwest, Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Balesh Sharma (Vodafone, CEO, Vodafone Czech Republic)
  • Roman Knap (SAP, Managing Director SAP, Czech Republic)
  • Stefan Höchbauer (SAP, President of SAP Middle & Eastern Europe)
  • Silvia Gavorníková (Slovak Export Credit Agency EXIMBANKA SR, Head of International Relations Department)
  • Diana Rádl Rogerová (Deloitte, Office Managing Partner at Deloitte Czech Republic)
  • Radka Dohnalová (ATAIRU, Founder and Managing Partner)

About author

Linda Štucbartová is a passionate leader, initiator and networker, bridging people, spheres and projects.
She is a Partner at ATAIRU, an international leadership development company that guides leaders to activating their uniqueness through authentic leadership.  As a Chief Interviewer for Czech and Slovak Leaders Magazine, she has written more than fifty interviews with prominent Czech and CEE leaders. Moreover, she also occupies Board positions at Charles University Council for Commercialization and at Minerva 21, the personal development initiative. Finally, she is the author of the book Ambassadors Without a Diplomatic Passport. Previously, she held management positions in business, public administration, and academia.

FREE DOWNLOAD on the Czech & Slovak Leaders website

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