We design and deliver authentic leadership transformational programs

Proprietary know-how

Our internationally tested concept approaches authentic leadership in a comprehensive, systematic fashion.

Focusing on results and balance

We do not necessarily differentiate between professional and private life. We help you tackle whatever is the most important to you at the moment.

Long-term transformation

Our trasformation are a long-term process, typically spanning a full year.

Transforming through experiences

Our programs are transformational experiences, not dry presentations.

Measuring actual impact

Our collaboration has clearly defined KPIs, and we measure the impact achieved.

First-hand business experience

We are not academics. We have led teams and solved real business problems.

We believe that when leaders deepen their inner motivation, remove their limiting behavioral patterns, and pass their experience on to others, their teams will be more sustainable and effective.

How do we do it

ATAIRU programs:


Cross-company programs

Do you want to upgrade your leadership capabilities? In working systematically with a diverse group of peers from other companies and discussions with business leaders, you will identify your talents and purpose and improve your ability to motivate and lead others.

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Individual transformational programs

A major change in your professional or private life ahead? We will design a tailored program for you, respecting not only your specific needs but also your availability.

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Corporate team programs

Is your company gathering speed or about to transform itself? Each and every transformation, no matter how big or small, hinges on people. We will help your team members find motivation for themselves and others for more engagement and collaboration.

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Talent programs

Do you see potential in your employees, waiting to be developed? We will equip them with specific skills you will find helpful in times of change.

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How we can help you if…

you are in charge of HR?

  • Develop your future leaders’ potetial with us. We will design a program that will make sense to your organization and appeal to your employees.
you are a member of the board?

  • Accelerate your people’s potential with us. We will introduce and sustain an atmosphere of collaboration in your team, and prepare your junior manager for leadership roles.
you are investing in your own personal development?
  • Let us join you in looking for new ways to tackle new work or personal milestones. With less stress and more ease.

Thank you!
We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss how we can help you.

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