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The only program of its kind on the Czech and Slovak market. Systematical development of professionals from different companies, industries and functions. Facilitated discussions of challenges, problems and solutions. Debates with top leaders of Czech and Slovak business. Practical models and recommendations. Separately for men and women.  
  Consisting of two interlinked modules – Lead Yourself and Lead to Collaborate – our 10-month program will guide you on your journey towards authentic leadership and help you best integrate all aspects of your professional and personal life. Experienced faculty, successful leaders of Czech and Slovak business, and your peers from other companies, will all help you identify your purpose, improve performance and happiness, increase resilience, create followership and inspire others. The program relies on a range of learning approaches – from group workshops to acceleration groups to group calls.

1 year

Intended for:

middle and senior management

Graduates so far:


Firms so far:


Exposure to different experiences and backgrounds

Debates with top business leaders

Separate for women and men


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