Talent programs

The contents and focus of the talent program is defined in debates with your organization. We will create an internal community of your future leaders, and we will develop them with respect to your objectives.
Do you suspect untapped potential in your employees? Invest in developing your future leaders! We will identify their natural talents and support their specific skills. You will obtain a group you will be able to rely on in times of change. We will work together to transform long-established mindsets about collaboration, accountability and risk, at the team and individual levels. At the same time, we will teach you and/or your employees to communicate their visions effectively, and to excite others to pursue them. The program consists of whole-day workshops and individual acceleration sessions with faculty. We would be happy to run the program separately for men and women.

several months to a year

Intended for:

middle management

Graduates so far:


Firms so far:


Tailored to your organization’s needs

A strong community of future leaders

Strengthening of the shared vision

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