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Key learnings from Abundance 360

Convergence Catalyzer

We tried different technologies. I was completely amazed by trying Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and how it can enhance learning. It was such immersive, engaging and fun experience. Clearly, this will be the key technology in the future of education.

Leadership in exponential times

With Arianna Huffington

With Alex Kipman

With Peter Diamandis

Abundance 360 Summit

Abundance 360 Summit is the conference focusing on exponential technology and leadership in exponential time. As the main claim of the summit says: We live in the world of abundance is one thing. Creating it is another. The Summit is taking place 29-31 January 2017 in LA hosted by entrepreneur Peter Diamandis. My purpose of coming is about exploring the future of education. I believe that the way we (not just our children) learn is going to fundamentally transform over the next decade.


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