Lucie Winklerová

Authentic Products Lead

Lucie in a nutshell
  • Experience and insight into building startups.
  • Worked for MITON, LMC and
  • Enjoys and supports the development of young talents.
  • Involved in online marketing for over 10 years.
  • Passionate about personal development, education and new technologies.


Lucie joined ATAIRU from MITON, the serial company builder and startup investor focused on e-commerce businesses like, Slevomat, Bonami and Startupjobs. As a board member, she was responsible for hiring top management and people for key roles in startups. She also provided mentoring for CEOs and founders in the fields of HR and leadership. 

Lucie has over 10 years of experience leading teams in both startups and corporates. Prior to ATAIRU and MITON, she was a Client Service Director for digital agency and an HR Architect Project Manager at LMC. 

Lucie believes that leaders’ ability to be open to change, to learn and modify their own approaches or perspectives where the old one no longer works, leads not only to success and inner development, but also to overall satisfaction and greater freedom. 

Her role at ATAIRU involves co-creation of authentic leadership products, well-being and mindfulness programs for organizations and building personal brands for top managers. Parallel to personal development she is also interested in new technologies and innovation.

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We believe that when leaders deepen their inner motivation, remove their limiting behavioral patterns, and pass their experience on to others, their teams will be more sustainable and effective.

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