Eva Loužecká

External Partner

Eva in a nutshell
  • Graduated from the University of Economics with a major on Managerial Psychology and Sociology.
  • Has more than 15 years of experience in HR (in both international corporations and local startups).
  • Has been working as an external HR consultant since 2017, running workshops, lecturing, facilitating, mentoring, and helping companies and people find the best solutions.
  • Her hobbies are traveling to distant lands, enjoying the beauties of nature, roller skating, snowboarding and, above all, spending time with her husband and two daughters who have fulfilled her dreams.

Eva has been working as an external HR consultant since 2017, after more than 13 years in internal HR. She is lecturing, running workshops, consulting and working as interim HR manager.

She helps companies unlock their DNA and apply it into employer brands, finding the right people then developing, educating, and engaging them to use their talents and motivation.

Thanks to her experience, practical approach, orientation on the target and business overlap, she helps companies grow.

Work is one of her passions. She is a person who enjoys working with people, discussing their ideas and likes when it works in the company. She is interested in modern HR trends and putting them into practice.


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