Andrea Vadkerti

Managing Partner, Singapore

Andrea in a nutshell
  • Certified Trainer, Business performance Consultant–Entrepreneurs Institute Singapore
  • Coaching certificates from vary countries and academies (Singapore, Vienna, Oslo)
  • Rich and diverse coaching experience (business, government, media)
  • TV journalism background
  • She lives in Singapore with her husband and 3 children


Andrea is an executive coach, business consultant and thought leader on topic of Ego coaching and leadership maturity. She walked her coaching path with clients from fast growing industries of banking, IT, crypto-technologies, media and government sector in five countries. Board members, executives, HR specialists and top athletes hire her for transformative coaching results. She coaches and consults trough the entire problem roots. Great in correcting knots in the organizational culture, with her clients, she eradicates causes of distrust, uncovers sabotaging behaviors by building strong, unified, engaged employees with confident leadership. As an acclaimed speaker and thanks to her TV journalism background (news anchor and TV host – Slovak TV channels TV Markiza, TA3, RTVS), she is an expert in motivating people, effective communication and ego free evolving leadership.

Her experience is based on over 1800 coaching sessions and dozens of group coaching and training workshops she can conduct in English or Slovak language. She is a licensed Talent dynamics flow and performance consultant and actively works on establishing this business development model in Central Europe and APAC region. She also keenly cooperates with Barrett Values Centre in London and pioneers Neurobehavioral Modeling – the first systematically described brain-based coaching. Andrea is a first eastern European executive coach licensed for creating transformative results as an Organizational Systems and relationships coach. High work ethics, morals, great communication skills put her on a top in coaching business and gained trust not only among business executives.

Her coaching experience is rich and flows from coaching two of prime ministers and a recent head of state of Slovak republic, two clients recognized as CEO of the year by Forbes magazine straight after coaching. Andrea is leading our Atairu leadership programs for clients in Asia.


  • Certified Transformative Coach by Coach Master Academy Singapore
  • Applied Neuroscience Coach certificate, Prof. Paul Brown, The Art of Coaching Institute UK
  • Certificate to personal Coaching, The Coaching Academy London UK
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) Singapore
  • Certified Trainer, Business performance Consultant–Entrepreneurs Institute Singapore
  • Certified Organizational relationships system coach , ORSC international
  • Landmark Advanced and Communication course graduate
  • Theta healing certificate, Vianna Stibal ThinkTheta Institute Sao Paulo, Brazil


For more information on local partnerships in Singapore or cross-company program of Authentic leadership for talented women in Singapore please contact Andrea Vadkerti, ATAIRU Partner in APAC and Singapore,

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