Eva Štefanková

Co-author and Managing Director of LeadIN s.r.o. Slovakia

Eva in a nutshell
  • Leader of LeadIN Slovakia
  • Specializes in deep self-acceptance and transformation of fears
  • Worked as an HR executive
  • Has a degree in psychology
  • She devotes her time to therapeutical methods and has collaborated with Dr. Urbiš, a dark therapy practitioner
  • Lives with her family in Bratislava


Eva studied psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava. She spent the following 12 years in professional leadership and HR roles with international corporations. At the end of 2011, she found herself at the crossroads, thinking through her options of further development, purpose and sustainable achievement. After a dark therapy by Dr. Urbiš in 2012, she set off on a journey that combined entrepreneurship and purpose: she began to focus on deep personal development and started creating transformation programs within which she guides her clients towards self-understanding, self-acceptance, and the discovery of personal freedom.

She fulfills her purpose in consciously supporting the establishment of a new culture of relationships and community of people who understand their unique value and who can develop their potential and fearlessly collaborate and support each other in prosperity. Pushing the limits of what is possible, achieving higher quality of life through internal anchoring are her passions.

As an owner and leader of the company LeadIN, she works towards establishing authentic leadership, personal transformation, and talent development in Central and Eastern Europe.

Eva lives with her family in Bratislava.



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