Ivo Večeřa

Content Creator & Program Leader

Ivo in a nutshell
  • Communication expert.
  • Specializes in influencing, conflict and relationships.
  • Studied in Prague and Moscow.
  • Worked in the European Parliament and McKinsey.
  • Married, with two children.


Ivo is an expert on the mechanics of communication, especially its dark side. Already as a student of translation and interpreting, he was fascinated by the imperfection of the communication process. Later on – as a conference interpreter with the EU institutions, a communication specialist with and the head of McKinsey & Company Prague’s comms department, and an independent communications advisor – he had innumerable opportunities to study, verify, and explain the dynamics of individual and collective decision-making, influencing and conflict.

His business practice is centred on preventing and solving critical situations. At ATAIRU, he co-designs, standardizes and delivers leadership transformation programs.

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