Jan Polák

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Jan in a nutshell


Jan Polak is a pioneer of a new business paradigm and purpose-led and values-driven enterprise. 

He is a longtime advisor, facilitator, trainer, mentor and coach of managers and entrepreneurs with international experience from Great Britain, USA, Australia, South Africa, India and Hong Kong.

An advocate for an integral approach to business, he empowers entrepreneurs and business leaders to build and lead organisations that prosper by making a difference in the world and propel humanity forward. His focus is on supporting the development and use of natural talents, human potential and synergistic collaboration in small, medium and large organisations using among others Talent Dynamics and Barrett Cultural Transformation tools.

In the past, Jan worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and a partner in London-based Strategy Dynamics Solutions. He studied abroad and gained his MBA at the London Business School and a Master’s at Cornell University specialising in organisational behaviour.

Jan considers his work as both his mission and hobby, and sees business as a unique opportunity of this era to combine effectively making a difference with personal development and fulfillment.

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