Karolina Šrámková

External Partner

Karolina in a nutshell
  • Specialist in holistic brand-based company culture
  • Studied in the Czech Republic & Denmark
  • Experience in both start-up and corporate environments
  • Worked with brand in both Marketing and Human Relations departments
  • Single with passion in sports & well-being & art


Karolina loves to build brand-based company cultures. At GE she learnt how to use brand as a marketing tool to grow sales and what is the most essential structure and system of leadership within a broad conglomerate culture. Then after 5 years, she joint a group of enthusiastic leaders, who decided to build a completely new bank on the Czech market. Air Bank became the fastest growing and most preferred brand in the Czech Republic, designed to change the point of view on banking as low involvement business to deliver its claim: “First bank you can like”. After 6 years as Head of Marketing Communication, she started to work on an Employee Engagement Program, which moved her in a position of Chief Human Relations Officer, where she decided to build the same brand, but inside the company. This unique combination defines her point of view on brand as a holistic tool that helps leaders to manage organisation development or even a transformation.

Her goal is to combine new ways of leadership and brand to create culture that drives organisation to long-term sustainability, customer loyalty and employee engagement. On her journey she collaborate with leaders within the organisation, who are not afraid to become the company or even industry disrupting role models. Leaders, who’s ability is to work and motivate employees to achieve everyday satisfaction.

Karolina’s find true fulfilment in building sustainable brand culture driven by strong company purpose with its ability to empower people inside the organisation around that.

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