Katarína Kotíková

Business development & Program Leader

Katarína in a nutshell
  • More than 10-year experience in leadership positions in the banking area.
  • Passionate about people, leadership, personal development and innovative projects.
  • Sports, travelling and yoga are a source of inner peace and inspiration.
  • Comes from Slovakia and lives in Prague.


Katka’s purpose is to help people with their personal development and by offering different perspectives to lead them to better cooperation. Her approach is based on focusing at (discovering and developing) natural talents of individuals, combined with her practical experiences from leadership and personal transformation.

As part of ATAIRU team, she leads authentic leadership programs for various companies (first time managers to senior leaders). She develops and leads programs for young people at the beginning of their career and programs for parents who want to discover and develop natural talents of their children.

Katka has more than 10-year experience in change management as well as building and developing teams. She held various managerial positions mainly in banking area (GE Money bank, Raiffeisenbank) in different departments such as product development, operations, finance or IT. Her practical journey in personal transformation is part of her inspiration to help others via mentoring, coaching and ATAIRU Programs.

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