Katarína Kotíková


Katarína in a nutshell
  • More than 10-year experience in leadership positions in the banking area.
  • Passionate about people, leadership, personal development and innovative projects.
  • Sports, travelling and yoga are a source of inner peace and inspiration.
  • Comes from Slovakia and lives in Prague.


Katka believes that almost nothing in life can be accomplished without collaboration with others. That is why she helps to maximize collaboration by inspiring others to leverage a variety of perspectives that people naturally bring to the collaboration. Her approach is based on focusing on (discovering and developing) the natural talents of individuals, combined with her practical experiences from leadership.

At ATAIRU, she is responsible for the co-creation and delivery of cross-company leadership programs. She also participates in the co-creation and delivery of tailored programs for diverse companies (first-time managers to senior leaders). 

Katka has over 15-years of experience in change management as well as building and developing teams. She held various senior managerial positions mainly in the banking area (GE Money bank, Raiffeisenbank) in different departments such as product development, operations, finance, or IT. Her practical experience on her own leadership journey and the personal transformation is a part of her inspiration for helping others through mentoring, coaching, and ATAIRU Programs.

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We believe that when leaders deepen their inner motivation, remove their limiting behavioral patterns, and pass their experience on to others, their teams will be more sustainable and effective.

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