Linda Štucbartová

External Partner

Linda in a nutshell
  • Specialist in networking and negotiation
  • Studied in Prague, Oxford and Geneva
  • Worked in management positions in business, public administration, and academia
  • Wrote the book Ambassadors without a diplomatic passport
  • An active member of Rotary Club Prague International
  • Married, with two children


Linda has always been passionate about education, but she found the prospects of becoming a teacher in the then socialist Czechoslovakia unattractive. Like many of her peers, she found the velvet revolution a crucial point in her development: she found inspiration for making a difference in her sister Lucie’s membership of the Charles University strike committee.

Linda studied international relations in Prague, Oxford, and Geneva. After coming back to Prague, she joined the Diplomatic Academy of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has also found fertile ground for her passion in life-long education in the private sector: she has worked for SKODA Auto, and has been a lecturer at the Anglo-American College in Prague. Linda often found herself operating in a dominantly male environment, which made her study diversity, first from the gender perspective, and more generally later on. She started working with Radka in 2014 to design transformation programs for women, men and for board members. During the long-term leadership programs, she has worked with 150+ leaders. Linda is the author of the book Ambassadors without a Diplomatic Passport, a result of her passion of interviewing inspirational leaders. She is a contributor to the journal Czech Leaders and the portal, which promotes social accountability. She draws inspiration from international conferences Aspire, Women Trust, and Crystal Conference.

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