Linda Štucbartová

Master Trainer

Linda in a nutshell
  • Specialist in networking and negotiation.
  • Studied in Prague, Oxford and Geneva.
  • Worked in management positions in business, public administration, and academia.
  • Wrote the book Ambassadors without a diplomatic passport.
  • An active member of Rotary Club Prague International.
  • Married, with two children.


Linda spent five years in ATAIRU as a Partner responsible for corporate clients and international partnerships. Since April 2019, she has become a Master Trainer leading women and talent programs and train the trainer programs. 

She founded her company Diversio with the aim to empower talented women and facilitating academic and business cooperation. She organized the First Women Entrepreneurial Mission from the Czech Republic to Israel in October 2018.

She is known for establishing extensive partnerships across governmental, academic and corporate sectors providing them with valuable perspectives as well as deep business insights. She held managerial positions and leadership positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Anglo-American University, Servodata and ŠKODA-AUTO.

Over the past eight years, she wrote more than 250 articles, interviewing business, academia and political executives from all over the world. Since 2016, she has served as a Member of the Advisory Board of Commercialisation of Charles University.

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