Magda Pořízková

Adaptive Lead

Magda in a nutshell
  • Magda bulids agile companies ready for the future.
  • Has over than 20 years of experience in consulting and management.

Magdas’ mission is to help build agile companies ready for the future. One of her interests is disruptive technologies and their impact on the life of organizations and their people. At ATAIRU she specializes in Agile leadership and adaptability on the leader/organization level.

Magda has over 20 years of experience in consulting and management in various companies (e.g. Andersen, Opavia,, Škoda Auto) and has worked on 3 continents in many areas (production, telco, banking, automotive).

She was leading teams of different sizes and as a consultant, she was responsible for diverse complex projects focused on people and the organization with overlap to innovations and strategy.

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We believe that when leaders deepen their inner motivation, remove their limiting behavioral patterns, and pass their experience on to others, their teams will be more sustainable and effective.

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