Petr Havlíček


Petr in a nutshell
  • Represents 12 years of experience in board positions of big multinational companies
  • Is passionate for building, developing and leading diverse teams
  • Loves winter swimming, proving that physical body is just a state of mind :-)
  • Devotes his extra time to start up called TimeAut, a project devoted to autism treatment.

In the last 12 years, Petr held senior leadership positions in the big multinational companies such as Imperial Tobacco, Heineken and Mast Jaegermeister (former Rémy Cointreau). During his assignments across the globe, he was leading multinational, diverse teams in brand and trade marketing, corporate communication, business planning and business intelligence. During his professional career, he has built, developed and led more than 10 different national as well as international teams on three continents. Next to these roles, he was in charge of fundamental business transformations and programs of corporate branding, company culture and internal engagement.

Petr strongly believes that sense of purpose in work and life nurtures human feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. And that energy to pursue purposeful path is fuelled by self-rewarding „level-up system”. In other words, through continuous work on a better version of ourselves. So, Petr’s purpose is to support people (primarily leaders) to gradually „level up“using their natural talents, motivations and passions.

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