Petr Janů

COO & Adaptive Consultant

Petr in a nutshell
  • Spent most of his adult life living abroad.
  • Studied International Business and Management at the University of Bradford.
  • Worked as an Operations Manager and later on as an Operations Director in a start-up in Kenya.
  • His passion is business operations improvement and leadership.

Petr is very interested in business development by taking the holistic view first, then by understanding all its autonomous parts and finally by taking steps to improve each one of them to build up a new advanced enterprise. 

He has spent most of his adult life living abroad in England, Brazil and before returning back to the Czech Republic, 3 years in Kenya. 

After finishing his degree in International Business and Management from the University of Bradford he worked as an Operations Manager in the retail industry, where he was leading teams of 30+ people in central London.

In 2015 he took a life changing opportunity to join a property development & management start-up in Nairobi, Kenya, where he worked as an Operations Manager and later Operations Director. Here he was really able to test his passion for business operations improvement and people management. 

He joined ATAIRU as a Finance and Operations Manager.

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