Key learnings from Abundance 360

Convergence Catalyzer

  • We choose the context from which we relate to the future, It can be from the context of fear or context of abundance
  • There is significant evidence that the state of the world is better than ever
  • As many things are going to change dramatically over the next 25 years, there are things which will not change. Those things are related to Human Nature
  • Tony Robbins shared 6 human needs (need for certainty, variety, significance, love&connection, contribution a need to overcome our fears of not feeling enough and not being loved)

We tried different technologies. I was completely amazed by trying Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and how it can enhance learning. It was such immersive, engaging and fun experience. Clearly, this will be the key technology in the future of education.

Leadership in exponential times

  • Education and healthcare will be the two most distracted industries
  • Education will have two components: Learning and Socializing. Learning part will be heavily affected by technology. Examples could be customized 1 to 1 tutoring my AI personalized to the child´s level, speed, and other preferences. Socializing will focus on developing human interactions.
  • Leadership development education will be also heavily transformed. With about trillion sensors there will be radical transparency on almost everything and with all data available there will be much more of evidence-based decision making. The question of ethics will be more important than ever especially thinking about the implications and consequences of our decisions on other people and rest of the world. This is where the role AI will be to serve leaders as their companions to 1st run simulations with 3rd and 4th order of consequences 2nd to catch our cognitive biases which affect our decision making
  • One of the key thing in both education and Leadership development will be shift from learning information to ability to ask questions
  • The section on leading in exponential times with Arianna Huffington was among other things about our wellbeing and performance and our relationship with technology. Arianna spoke about irrational beliefs we have about how we achieve performance.
  • Some tips: have leadership meetings device free, declare artificial end of day when you put your technology to bed and asking your people for feedback – tell me one thing I don’t want to hear
  • The final section was with Alex Kipman on mixed/augmented reality. The examples of how this affects education were mindblowing. Videos will follow.

With Arianna Huffington

With Alex Kipman

With Peter Diamandis

Abundance 360 Summit

Abundance 360 Summit is the conference focusing on exponential technology and leadership in exponential time. As the main claim of the summit says: We live in the world of abundance is one thing. Creating it is another. The Summit is taking place 29-31 January 2017 in LA hosted by entrepreneur Peter Diamandis. My purpose of coming is about exploring the future of education. I believe that the way we (not just our children) learn is going to fundamentally transform over the next decade.


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