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Japanese inspiration on authentic leadership: IKIGAI

When was the last time you sat down, or took a walk, to think about what makes this one life you have meaningful — what makes it worth living?

We would like to introduce you IKIGAI – a Japanese concept meaning „a reason for being“. As we work worldwide, we see how important this is regardless the geographic location or culture.

The concept of authentic leadership is aligned. In our programs we start with each participant (re)discovering his or her talents, passions and creating his or her purpose. One of the reasons people don`t find their ikigai is due to our fears and ego which don`t allow the self’s possibilities to blossom. The integrating long term success and satisfaction in leadership is not only possible but actually critical to sustain high performance.

As psychiatrist Kobayashi Tsukasa, author of ikigai, says: “People can feel real ikigai only when, on the basis of personal maturity, the satisfaction of various desires, love and happiness, encounters with others, and a sense of the value of life, they proceed toward self-realization.”

So what is your ikigai and ikigai of people in your organization and personal life?

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