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Japanese inspiration on authentic leadership: KINTSUKUROI

Striving for perfection vs authenticity?

Most of us are consciously or unconsciously striving for perfection. Everyone in different areas and in different way.

When we don’t meet expectations (set by ourselves or others) or when we make a mistake, we tend to be ashamed. And we are often not keen on sharing it or showing it to others.

We were inspired by Japanese craftsmen who use a technique called KINTSUKUROI which is the art of “repairing with gold.” When a pot breaks, instead of throwing it away, craftsmen repair it with a gold lacquer that celebrates its flaws. In doing so, the pot becomes more valuable than when it was perfect.

What consciously or unconsciously keeps us in striving for perfection are our fears. We have different fears. Fear of not being good enough, not competent enough or fear that we will disappoint someone or fail.

However failure is not our enemy but our greatest asset as everyone is uniquely imperfect. It is exactly our failures which shape us. As it is the flaws that tell the pot`s story, it is our failures and lessons learnt that tell ours. So let`s not only embrace our failures but celebrate them. Because we are more valuable for having them.

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