Visual Identity & Events

At ATAIRU, Eliška is in charge of everything connected with the company's visual identity and helps with marketing. She likes tasks where she can engage her creativity, especially when it comes to the visual side of things.


Eliška is studying for a master's degree in Historical Sociology at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague.

Personal life

The feeling of harmony in interpersonal relationships is very important for her, whether it is the team at ATAIRU, her friends or family.

What I enjoy about working at ATAIRU

“When working at ATAIRU, I appreciate the wide range of opportunities for developing my own personal talents. Our company is very flexible in this respect and adapts the sharing of work according to our individual self-realization requirements. Thanks to working at ATAIRU, I have found out what I really enjoy and where I want to go professionally in my life.”