Senior Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator 

Vláďa brings with him two decades of unique experience from regional and global leadership positions, corporate and startup spheres. His professional expertise is predominantly in commercial and business development. People and teams have always been his passion and he now focuses on leapfrogging and long-term business shifts through the transformation of individuals, teams and organizations. 

Vlaďa believes that leadership and any change is primarily a personal choice for each of us. Through knowing and accepting ourselves, we can all build on our talents, be authentic, and use our distinctive leadership to imprint all of this on our teams and the organization (and wider society). The result is then a harmonious and sustainable operation with maximum impact on the business - even in the event of a perfect storm.  

At ATAIRU, he is responsible for open leadership programmes, tailored corporate programmes and working with top management, including strategic consulting and coaching.


Vláďa has 20 years of experience in FMCG, 7 of which he worked abroad for HEINEKEN. He has led businesses with billion dollar turnovers, global brands, developed and emerging markets. In Sweden he held the role of Country Manager Sweden, Norway & Iceland. In the Netherlands, he was initially responsible for Global Customer Marketing, including international retail activities for Heineken, Desperados, Sol, etc. Later he managed Export in 7 countries, and in Georgia the creation and implementation of a new business and marketing model, including the construction of a brewery. Previous experience gained at Tesco and Procter & Gamble, in local and international management roles - sales, purchasing, category management, IT/Business Intelligence. 

Prior to joining ATAIRU, he worked in the management of the Czech start-up Wild&Coco.

Personal life

Vláďa enjoys spending time with his family, nature and sports. He believes that every person has hidden unrecognized, often untapped possibilities. He likes to discover and develop them - through new technologies and approaches, martial arts and movement, fasting, breath work, meditation and hardening.

What I enjoy about working at ATAIRU

„Working with our clients on a daily basis that has real results - impacting business and often other areas of individuals' lives.
A unique approach to leadership - looking inward first so we can "go out" and create. And a great combination of the professional expertise of each member of the ATAIRU team with an interest in people and their overall development.“