Head of Marketing

Peter believes that as we are, we attract such people and opportunities to us. Whether he was working in sports, start-ups or lecturing, he always tried to connect with projects whose growth came from a great product and helping others. To make what he does make sense, he likes to strategize, look for interesting details and unique value. At ATAIR, his main motivation is to get our programs and knowledge out to as many people and companies as possible, contributing to their growth and long-term sustainability. Peter's values have been shaped primarily by sport, which he has been involved in from a young age. He is driven forward in his work and life by the knowledge that "Talent is a mere commodity, all that matters is perseverance."


In addition to marketing, he has always been involved in business development. Especially in the areas of service quality and customer care, development of sports organizations and athletes (managerial and financial), education and leadership. In order to continuously expand his knowledge and best practices, he is often involved in several projects at the same time.


He can't imagine life without sport. He has devoted himself to ice hockey and tennis, which he still plays actively.

He is interested in psychology and the human mind and therefore enjoys the books of Honoré de Balzac.

What I like about working at ATAIRU 

,,The people who make up ATAIRU and their infectious passion for what they do."