Authentic Leadership for female top managers

Next date:
Spring 2025

For whom:
Women executives and business owners

Duration of the program:
9 months

Number of participants:

The only authentic leadership program in the Czech Republic that supports and inspire women in the top management of Czech and multinational companies. The program focuses on crucial leadership topics at the highest levels of management.

Gain a new perspective

People management and corporate governance, in the sense we have traditionally known it, is changing dramatically. In the program we will show you how to thrive and succeed in this extremely challenging and unpredictable environment. You will learn what deltas are in the leadership and which new skills it is necessary to acquire in order to be able to work with change and use it as a business opportunity. The goal of the program is to strengthen your resilience and help you stay balanced, even under great pressure.

We would like to welcome you in our female top managers community that is open to share their experience and inspire each other.

What you will learn


& Leadership

How to fully use your strenghts 

Using the Talent Dynamics tests, we will highlight your strengths as well as your personal challenges in communication and co-operation with others. We motivate you to focus more on where you can easily create added value due to innate talents.

How to work with your mindset

Resilience and adaptability are some of the critical skills for leadership in the V.U.C.A. world. Learn how your mindset affects your internal resilience and how you can strengthen it through mindset work. We'll look at situations where you lose power and become a victim of circumstances, and how to handle emotionally stressful situations without losing the trust of others.


Our limiting patterns & Personal Mission

What is limiting you in achieving success  

You will discover which behavioral patterns sabotage your plans and ambitions, and what is the cause of stress in your working and personal life.

Your inner why & direction 

You'll focus on your inner WHY - what makes sense to you personally, what is most fulfilling and satisfying for you. You will discover how your personal mission influences your decision-making and how to practically translate it into your professional and personal life.


Personal identity
& Teamwork 

What are the pillars of your personal identity

One of the key elements of inner motivation and personal fulfillment is consciously working with your own strengths and mission. We help you define your authentic personal identity pillars as the foundation for building your personal brand.

How to leverage diversity in your team

By working with your talents, you will better understand others and their individual differences. You'll discover what are people's inner motivators and preferences in day-to-day communication and collaboration.


Personal brand
& visibility

How to create an authentic BIO

We will help you to create your new personal BIO that authentically reflects your talents and preferences as well as your mission to use it on LinkedIn or your company website. You'll also learn how to build your personal brand.

How to become an influential leader 

We'll show you how to deal with media and communicate your personal brand internally within the company and also externally. And how to use new media and technology to become more visible with greater impact. 


Strategic Communication & Dealing with Resistance

How to successfully communicate strategy  

You will learn how to prepare and use a strategic One-Pager as a tool for creating clarity what strategy means on the company level, team level and on individual level to synchronize and unify strategic direction. 

How to work with resistance 

We will show you how to effectively win others over to minimize their resistance.  We'll teach you how to recognize in what stage of understanding your team is and how to adjust your communication accordingly. We will focus on how to translate vision, strategy and priorities to people not just to undesrstand but also to start taking an action.  


New leadership skills

New era, new leadership 

How to change your approach and leadership in the context of the future. What are the future leadership skills that help you succeed. You will discover how you personally can contribute to the transformation of your company and what are potential blind and threats.

How to consciously build your network 

You will learn how to naturally and systematically develop your professional network - who are the most important people to move you forward and who you can lean on. We will also look at how you can help others to succeed by mentoring and sponsorship.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.


Program participant references

"I wanted to move on in my professional and maybe even personal life. It gave me a lot of things, strangely enough, unexpected things. It's given me the courage to try things, to go into something I'm not quite sure about, to believe in myself that I can do it, and it's opened up a lot of opportunities. Strangely enough, it also helped me expand my network of friends, my work network, and this network has helped me in dealing with personal things, problems, as well as work things."

Olga Řehořková
Director, PwC

“I had two reasons for joining ATAIRU programs. The first is the personality of Radka Dohnal and our personal meeting, during which she told me about ATAIRU. As a CFO, once I had studied and analyzed everything, I knew I couldn't miss the ATAIRU course. The second reason was the wonderful company of women in leadership positions who inspired me and made me understand that we all face similar challenges, even though we work in different companies. After the course I started to notice much more the strengths of the people in my team. Now we all do things with much more ease and enthusiasm. And I personally have organised my diary in a completely different way. So that I can focus not only on my work, but also on my family and our little son. That was the biggest benefit of the course for me.“

Lucie Urválková
Financial Director & Vice-Chairman of the Board, Uniqa

“I have attended so many training sessions and turned down so many invitations. But with ATAIRU it was different. First you look deep inside yourself and then you can look outside. You answer questions about how to do your work most naturally, when you bring the most value - it's priceless. All in a very tangible, pragmatic way.
Then you'll get a glimpse into the areas we tend to overlook or sometimes avoid. But that's the only way we make progress.
In the end, you'll meet some great people along the way. The ATAIRU team and the other ladies in the program - it was great to meet such people. Across the board, the group was naturally diverse - it was very cohesive in a sense, and we were able to get a lot of inspiration and have a lot of fun. I believe my experience on the ATAIRU program has had an impact on the amazing employee satisfaction results - an index of 100% of people, a jump from 70% on my team.“

Ivana Šedivá
ex-Marketing Director Czechia and Slovakia, McDonald´s

What else did you tell us about the program?

Dealing better with the stress and new challenges of hybrid working
I have a greater impact and influence on the team and the organization
I am better at getting others to collaborate on a corporate vision in a hybrid environment
I've met a number of important and interesting women
I realized how to succeed in a male environment and stay authentic
The program prepared me well for my new role and to make the right decision in my future direction.

Practical information about the program

Duration:  9 months
Number of participants: max. 18 in a group


all-day workshop

senior lecturers from various fields


individual mentoring for each participant (90 min.)


business network of people
with similar themes


invitation to ATAIRU conferences and Alumni meetings for graduates of the programmes

Learn leadership from leaders:
ATAIRU experts that will guide you
through the program


How time consuming is the program?

We always plan one interaction per month. If there are individual sessions in a given month, no further workshops are scheduled. Workshops do not take place during the summer and Christmas holidays.

Can the cost be split into several installments?

Of course. Let us know which payment option you require, and we will meet your needs.

What if I don't like the program?

This hasn't arisen yet, but we understand that you may not be absolutely sure at the start. We handle all comments and requests individually and we will always find a form of compensation that will suit you.

How are you protecting and proceeding during covid-19?

We comply with government regulations and are as flexible as possible in any situation. At the same time, we have verified that the individual workshops can also be successfully held online. We will inform you about any changes in good time.

ATAIRU Leadership programs for individuals are only in Czech

But even if you can not speak Czech let us know, and we will try to find the solution that suits you (e. g. individual meetings with our lectors etc.).

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