Authentic Leadership for women

Next date:
24 Novemeber 2021

For whom:
Middle management

Duration of the program:
9 months

Number of participants:

We would like to invite you to a program in which we develop the authenticity of women in leadership. For 9 months, we will support you on the path to greater self-confidence, resilience and improved work-life balance. We have recently added leadership skills necessary for cooperation and communication in the online environment to the program.

Become a member of our community of leaders

Greater understanding of yourself and others

We will help you find your strengths and your natural style of co-operation and communication with others. We will show you how to solve and manage challenging situations professionally, how to work with emotions andsetting healthy boundaries. The program also includespractical skills for leading teams remotely and building relationships in the online environment.

In the program we use personality diagnostics Talent Dynamics.

What you will learn in the authentic leadership program


Talents &

How to work with your talents

You will discover your natural talents and the activities in which you create the greatest value with the least effort.

How to build mental resilience

Learn which mindset will help you cope with challenges and work under pressure, as well as how to set your boundaries in a healthy way and learn to say "no".


Limiting Behavior Patterns 

What limits us in achieving success

You will discover which behavioral patterns sabotage your plans and ambitions, and what is the cause of stress in your working and personal life.


Purpose & Networking, Mentoring, Sponsoring 

What makes sense to us and determines our direction

We will discuss why you do what you do. What do you believe in andwhat direction should you take to achieve a feeling of fulfillment and overall satisfaction.

How to maintain and build relationships (and in the online world)

We look at who you have in your professional network, which people move you forward in life, and who you can rely on. You'll learn how to build and maintain relationships to help you get the right opportunities. It also works online.


Personal Identity & Personal Branding 

Media training for building a personal brand

Learn to use technology more for communication inside and out of the company. We will show you how to do it in practice.


Diversity & Team Co-work in Hybrid Setup 

How to co-operate remotely

You will learn to collaborate, communicate and lead distant teams so resistance and demotivation do not arise in the team or in individuals.

How to use diversity in the team

You will understand people and their individual differences. You will learn to put them in the right roles, respect their preferences and build a successful and motivated team. 


Future-ready Leaders

How to prepare for the future

You will discover the new competencies of leaders - what to learn (from) and what mindset to acquire. Learn how to create a psychologically safe environment, even in the virtual world, where people are not afraid to stand out or experiment, and thus move the company forward.

Your focus areas and the conclusion of the program

At the end of the program, we will focus on the important areas which you wish to change and in which you want to progress. We will help you realize what you can build on and what you can rely on.

Program participant references

What do the participants say?

We asked a few questions.

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„In the context of the preparation of the Slovak Republic for the first EU Presidency in history, I was preparing myself for the decent performance of the function of the Chair of the EU Council Working Party. I felt that I needed other skills in addition to my qualifications acquired over a long period of work. It was incredible to see the change in interpersonal relations, first at work and then in my private life. In a word, it completely changed my approach to work and life."

Silvia Gavorníková
Head of International Relations, EXIMBANKA
Slovak Republic

„Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about your own talents and specific leadership style. The group program really goes in depth and is also full of very inspiring business personalities. I recommend working with ATAIRA to all leaders who want to change the perspective of change in the corporation/company itself."

Stacy Meyer
CEO, Johnson&Johnson

„ATAIRU was a program that I went into with a fair amount of skepticism. It has brought me a lot. I'm much more patient with people and more tolerant towards them because I'm much better at recognizing what they're good at and what they're not. But mostly, I've come to realize through my own talents what I excel at and what I don't - and that it's okay if I don't excel. I'm much more confident internally, trying to distance myself from work and things that are guaranteed to "throw me off" and look at it with perspective. I came away from every workshop with some sort of aha-effect, but it was quite significant."

Lenka Zákoucká
HR Business Partner , Carrier

What else did you tell us about the program?

I am more resilient
I manage stress and crisis better
I am more confident
I know exactly what motivates me, what drives me onwards and upwards
I can set boundaries better
I understand the people on my team better
I have expanded my network to include a number of interesting people
I remain far more grounded in crisis situations

Practical information about the program

Duration of the program: 9 months
Number of participants: max. 15 in a group


all-day workshop


half-day workshop


individual mentoring for each participant (90 min.)


acceleration meeting in groups of three (90 min.)

Your guides will be ATAIRU experts

...and a range of inspiring guests

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.



How time consuming is the program?

We always plan one interaction per month. If there are individual sessions in a given month, no further workshops are scheduled. Workshops do not take place during the summer and Christmas holidays.

Can the cost be split into several installments?

Of course. Let us know which payment option you require, and we will meet your needs.

What if I don't like the program?

This hasn't arisen yet, but we understand that you may not be absolutely sure at the start. We handle all comments and requests individually and we will always find a form of compensation that will suit you.

How are you protecting and proceeding during covid-19?

We comply with government regulations and are as flexible as possible in any situation. At the same time, we have verified that the individual workshops can also be successfully held online. We will inform you about any changes in good time.

ATAIRU Leadership programs for individuals are only in Czech

But even if you can not speak Czech let us know, and we will try to find the solution that suits you (e. g. individual meetings with our lectors etc.).

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Do you need help?
Please contact Jitka

Jitka Houzarová
Program Coordinator
+420 732 932 613

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