External Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator

In her work with people, Zita believes that what is really important to us is also achievable. She helps leaders tap into their inner resources and abilities on the path to a powerful vision and mission. She finds new perspectives with them and challenges entrenched "truths" and assumptions about how they operate with empathy and understanding to find the essential.

At ATAIRU, she leads and co-creates authentic leadership programs, both those open to leaders from different companies and those we create customized for companies.


Zita has twenty years of experience as a coach, mentor and advisor in a number of major Czech and foreign companies. She has prepared and led long-term training and development programs as well as short-term intensive trainings. She has also led accredited coach training. In her work she combines individual coaching, workshops or group coaching. She has over 10,000 hours of conducting training and executive coaching and over 800 hours of individual and team coaching sessions.

She has worked with executives at companies such as Deloitte, Ogilvy, NN, Danone, GE Money bank, Bosch, Bristol Mayers Squib, Unipetrol, Bauer Media, Texla and others.

Personal life

Zita loves sailing, diving and everything related to water.  She enjoys spending time in nature and with inspiring people. She is interested in philosophy and history. She is an eternal golf beginner.