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Why to select ATAIRU LEADERSHIP TV for corporate education

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* Your entire firm can participate in the broadcast.
** The first season received a rating of 85 % from everyone ranging from top management to members of the team. It reached a viewership of up to 80 %.


Prepare your firm for making rapid and successful changes

We have identified four areas that every leader facing a change needs to master. We devote a separate episode to each of these areas, and together they are part of the ATAIRU CRAC framework.

This year’s season of ATAIRU LEADERSHIP TV: CHANGE CHALLENGE will deal with how to rapidly and successfully implement changes.

In addition, we are expanding the whole series with a new interactive module, which we have titled Make It Happen, thanks to which you can transform inspiration into a viable outcome at your firm.

We start in November 2023.

A combination that will get you going


Four live episodes that follow each other to form a comprehensive leadership series.

Guests and reports

Foreign experts as well as captains of Czech industry will share their experience and interesting case studies.

Data and benchmarks

Thanks to the fact that votes will be cast during the broadcast, you will gain a unique insight into how the market or your sector is doing.


Original ATAIRU content that you will not find elsewhere, which delivers what firms currently need. 

Make It Happen module 

We will lead you from the point of inspiration right through to a viable outcome at your firm.

Four episodes, broadcast live, dealing with how to make rapid and successful changes

Thanks to the ATAIRU CRAC framework. These are four obstacles that every leader facing a change must overcome.





Episode 1
Clarity: Severed spinal cord

#Clarity #Strategy #Prioritisation
10. 11. 2023, 10:00

Does your staff have a clear idea of why changes are happening and what role they play in this process? We will show you how to attain clarity.

Episode 3
Availability: When you can’t, speed up!?

#Capacity #WorkingWithResources #Delegation
19. 1. 2024, 10:00

How do you find the extra time and energy among the day-to-day agenda in order to tackle new change management projects, which are crucial for the firm’s development? P.S. It’s not by way of better time management.

Episode 2
Resistance: I don’t know. Meaning I don’t want to

#Resistance #Worries #Communication
8. 12. 2023, 10:00

How is the natural resistance to something new or unknown overcome? We will show you how to eliminate emotions and disengage this handbrake, which keeps your business from moving forward.

Episode 4
Continuity: Towards a tipping point

#Endurance #Closure #Retrospection
23. 2. 2024, 10:00

Are you unable to complete the implementation of new projects? Do you ask yourself when to persevere despite initial failures and when, on the other hand, to halt the project in time? We'll give you the answer to that.

”ATAIRU LEADERSHIP TV is a truly original format, without peers in recent times, the concept and quality of which is a product of a number of other educational products.“

Kristýna Prosecká
HR Education

Your guides through the series: Leadership experts, captains of Czech industry, foreign experts


Founder & CEO of ATAIRU

Radka is an expert in developing leaders and in creating functioning teams that can draw on the strengths of their members.

She is an acknowledged author of authentic and adaptive leadership development programmes, from which thousands of leaders have graduated, and an expert in the field of the future of leadership, often contributing to professional discussions and being cited in the media. 

In her co-operation with client firms, Radka draws on the experience she has gained when working at McKinsey & Company, OSN or during her MBA studies at Harvard Business School.

Petr Havlíček

Partner at ATAIRU

Petr assists firms in creating and defining clear strategies and helps with their horizontal and vertical integration across the entire organization.

Petr draws on his many years of experience, having spent most of his professional life in the top management of the international companies Imperial Tobacco, Heineken and Mast Jaegermeister (formerly Rémy Cointreau).

Guests, reports, foreign experts

Our guests will once again inspire you this year. Whether directly from the studio or in the form of reports. You can look forward to the captains of Czech industry or foreign experts. We will gradually introduce them to you here.

The following individuals have already agreed to share their experiences with you:

  • Dragoș Constantinescu, CEO of Pilsner Urquell
  • Tomasz Wiatrak, CEO of ORLEN Unipetrol
  • Igor Vida, General Manager of Raiffeisenbank

Take a look at the guests of last year’s season of ATAIRU LEADERSHIP TV:

  • Tomasz Wiatrak, CEO of ORLEN Unipetrol
  • Martin Vohánka, CEO of EUROWAG
  • Petr Dvořák, CEO of Vodafone
  • Tomáš Braverman, CEO of Heureka Group
  • Helena Horská, Chief Economist of Raiffeisenbank
  • Roman Trzaskalik, Sales Director of Plzeňský Prazdroj
  • Martina Kneiflová, Managing Partner of EY Czech Republic
  • Karolína Čumriková, Editor in Chief of

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Radka Dohnalová and Petr Havlíček


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