ATAIRU celebrates 10 years of developing leaders, teams and companies

We have been guiding and partnering leaders, teams and companies on their journey to authenticity and greater adaptability since 2013, when Radka Dohnalová founded ATAIRU and first launched the Authentic Leadership for Women programme.

We have come a long way together in 10 years. We have launched other programs for developing leaders and added programs for improving the functioning of teams and companies.

We believe the future will be exponential. That's why we came up with ATAIRU LEADERSHIP TV and soon ATAIRU Lab and ATAIRU Strategy.

Recall all our milestones so far and we'll be glad to have you enter the second decade with us.



Radka Dohnalová founded ATAIRU

The first intercompany program of Authentic Leadership for Women in cooperation with Odyssey and Muriel Anton (ex CEO of Vodafone)


We start leadership development programs for companies

We are expanding and launch Authentic Leadership programs in Slovakia in cooperation with Eva Štefánková


Launch of the leadership development program for men leaders - Authentic Leadership Program for Men

Launch of the leadership development program for top management program

The Leadership Games project is created and we begin cooperating with YEMI A.D.


We delivered first international leadership development programs - Tokyo, London, Moscow


Radka Dohnalova participates as a speaker in a conference with Peter Diamandis, where we bring an insight into the new skills of future leaders

ATAIRU entered into a partnership with 6D Academy


Launch of Disruptive Leadership Inside Out - Exponential Program for senior leaders in cooperation with 6D

We are growing and expanding into Lithuania and Norway

ATAIRU entering partnership with Roger Hamilton, author of Talent Dynamics and world-renowned mentor


We start creating programs focused on Adaptive Leadership

We are in FORBES: cover article about the founder of ATAIRU Radka Dohnalová


Launch of the Adaptive Leadership programs

We start broadcasting ATAIRU TV

We are among the 10 best companies focused on leadership in Europe


We are recognized as the Most innovative  Leadership Company in the Czech Republic.

ATAIRU entering a partnership with PwC launching a joint project Digital Adaptive Organization


In cooperation with Fameplay we launched ATAIRU LEADERSHIP TV, the first live broadcast series about leadership for companies