Team diversity

We help to understand, respect and use the individuality and uniqueness of your people and their strengths. We help build bridges between generations, tear down walls between men and women and connect international teams.

ATAIRU program for Team diversity deal with:


Specifics of international team communication


Generations X, Y, Z and their co-operation


Working with talents and uniqueness


Female leadership

Our client experiences

„I have been working with Radka and Petr from Atairu on a number of projects over the last year. They have supported us with our efforts to create a more inclusive culture in our business, facilitating workshops with our Executive Committee, and they have delivered an online development programme for our senior leaders. The delivery of both of these programmes has been exceptional. In the Diversity and Inclusion discussions, Atairu have helped us to understand what we are really trying to achieve, they have provided space for discussion about the issues and concerns of our leaders, challenged us and helped us to create commitment behind clear actions to drive change. In the leadership development programme, they have challenged our leadership team to think differently about the challenges that we are facing as a business, bringing new perspectives and fresh ideas, and they have also brought external speakers to bring the ideas and concepts to life. The feedback from participants has been consistently high."

Rob Kenney
HR Director, Plzeňský Prazdroj

„In November, we launched the Vodafone Future Ready Leaders program with ATAIRU, which supports the training of managers in leading teams in virtual and hybrid environments. The programme for 300 managers looks at leading teams in times of uncertainty, working with talent, building personal and team resilience, maintaining communication in times of isolation, adaptability and the importance of experimentation and rapid learning. Managers have commented positively on the program's timely topics and interactive workshop format that actively engages them and allows them to come up with concrete solutions to problems"

Magdalena Wavle
Head of Talent & Capability, Vodafone

ATAIRU experts that will guide you

through the topics

We use a wide range of approaches to development


What I hear, I forget, what I see, I remember, what I do, I understand, says an old proverb, and we build our workshops in this spirit. We devote the necessary minimum to theory, followed by activities, through which participants experience many things first-hand. Everyone has a chance to get involved, everyone can express themselves. Even in online, where we employ a range of interactive tools.


ATAIRU LEADERSHIP TV is the first live, interactive series on new trends in leadership for companies and individuals. It's a unique broadcast format where you receive inspiring and timely content in real time, interact with guests and get their perspective, get insights you often wait months for, all in a fun interactive way called edutainment.

Individual consultation

Through individual consultations or „triad“ meetings in groups of three, we help you find a solution when you don't know how to proceed. We don't dictate what to do; we offer new perspectives and alternatives.


Bootcamps are intensive experiential workshops, where we will take you outside your comfort zone - whether by changing the environment, the tasks and experiences prepared for you, or by meeting people you would not normally meet.

Expert consultation

As part of an expert consultation, we will provide you with a mentor from within our ranks who will discuss your situation in the company or team with you in detail, offer you an independent external perspective and outline possible solutions.

Leadership Academy

ATAIRU Leadership Academy is a long-term program for companies that do not want to be limited to just one workshop, but wish to develop specific topics long term. At the same time, we have the opportunity to monitor and supervise how the company manages to follow the set path and put the recommendations into practice.


Unique tools and questionnaires help organizations evaluate the state of the company, the mood in the company and what opinions employees have on key aspects of the company.

Talent Dynamics typology

The personality diagnostics we use to help people in the company communicate better is based on natural talents, not on patterns of behavior and skills we have acquired throughout our lives. It focuses strongly on co-operation between the individual talent types and how to improve it.


As part of the facilitation, we will help you arrange crucial and important meetings within the company. Whether you want to address a company's strategy, values, or future, our guides will ensure that communication is constructive and to the point.

We will help you improve your team's skills

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  • Online teams and remote co-operation
  • Organisations ready for the future
  • Company culture and values
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Strategic priorities and team co-ordination
  • Communication and its development
  • Psychological resilience & Wellbeing
  • Team diversity

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More topics

Leadership & Teamwork

Working with talent - Motivation - Feedback - Negotiation - Conflict resolution

Organizations ready for the future

Change management - Growth mindset - Creativity - Adaptability

Psychological resilience & Wellbeing

Stress resistance - Energy management - Emotions and their expression - Mindfulness - Empathy

Online teams and remote co-operation

Agreements and rules for teams - Online motivation - Online networking - Developing team spirit

Communication and its development

(Self) presentation - Building a personal brand – Team coordination - Conflict resolution

Company culture and values

Company values ​​- Culture management - Employee behavior – People motivation - Feedback

Strategic priorities and team co-ordination

Focus and priority determination - Strategic communication - Strategic discussion facilitation