Project Coordinator

Jitka enjoys helping people in difficult situations, learning while finding them solutions, constantly getting to know herself, her possibilities and always moving a little further forward.

Thanks to cooperation with multicultural teams across various industries, she has acquired direct communication and flexibility, as well as the ability to react immediately to changes in client requirements.


Jitka spent part of her life abroad and spent most of her professional life caring for board members at companies including IBM, McKinsey & Company and PPF. She has therefore had the opportunity to learn about the different types of leaders and their behavior in different cultures.

Personal life

I like to push my own boundaries in different directions.

What I enjoy about working at ATAIRU

"It is amazing to see how a change in thinking and attitude can shift the quality of life not only on a work level but also on a personal level. And that's exactly what working at ATAIRU brings. Both to our clients and to us personally. Being able to be part of a team that can move the world is simply fantastic."